Hey! I’m Sigi, a Women's Health Nutrition Coach and Fitness Advocate, passionate about a sustainable living body that is based on science and not trends.

As a multi goal digger – I lift, I teach, I learn, I coach, and I educate.  I am here to help you discover your strongest & confident self through the power of nutrition, training, mindset, lifestyle and stress management. 

That might sound like a lot, but what I do is actually quite simple:

To help women discover their strongest self with providing a science-backed, holistic approach to physical and mental wellness that will last a lifetime.



As a young girl, I grew up playing sports and went to school with the intention of a career in Fitness, which quickly morphed into my love of Martial Arts, swimming and Football.

As I grew older and completed University my interest sparked again in the field of health. As a Photographer and a Fitness Sales Advisor in 2012, it increased my fascinations with the human body and its capabilities, which progressed me to a Bodybuilding show in 2013, to finding the love to lifting heavy sh*t.

Through my own journey with an eating disorder, back injuries I discovered effective long lasting approach, which gave me the body freedom I had been searching for through endless other approaches.

As I learned to listen and respect my body, I realised that I needed to share this method with others — so here we are! I’m pretty bloody excited to empower others to reclaim confidence in their own bodies.

I don’t believe in one-size fits all for anything. Which is why I offer 1 to 1 coaching, PTs and private mentoring, all done either online or in person. It’s all about what works for you, which means doing not what is easiest or instant, but what is right.

The key areas I focus on are:

  • Health and Nutrition recovery

  • Training regimes with proper execution

  • Women's cycle and health

  • Mindset and Lifestyle Training

If you want to dive a bit deeper, get in touch. This is only a tiny part of my story and I’d love to be part of yours.

Every woman deserves to discover her strongest & confident self.

P.S. I love that I have managed to turn my experiences into a passion and a career, but when I’m not working you can find me with a coffee in reading books…oh wait. I’m obsessed.

But seriously, outside of all this good stuff, I’m practicing what I preach by nourishing my body with good food, good friends and a good dose of the outdoors.

I’ve invested a lot of time learning and growing to become the best mentor possible.


  • Qualified Personal Trainer

  • Mind Body Eating Practitioner

  • Certified Precision Nutrition Coach  

  • Certified Biosignature Practitioner 

  • Certified Powerlifting Coach Australia

  • FMA Instructor

  • Pre Script Coach Level 1

Performance / Fitness Coaching:

  • Certified CHF Performance PT Level 1 + 2 

  • Certified CHF Performance Nutrition Level 1 + 2

  • Sebastian Oreb + WBFF Pro Hattie Boydle Training the Female Athlete

  • Muscle Mechanics

  • Bodybuilding & Physique with Muscle Nerds

  • John Meadows Muscle Camp

  • Systems in Synergy with Luke Tulloch & Jordan Shallow

Women's health:

  • AWPT (Applied Women's Physiology & Training) Certification 

  • Women’s Health with Coach Jake Carter & Holly Sinclair

​Neuroscience/ Mindset:

  • Mental Health Seminar with Holly Sinclair 

  • Perry Nickelston & Dr. Stewart Gillespie Functional Medicine and Movement Workshop