Ladies Lifting Club Online Will Provide You With Affordable Coaching & Accountability

An subscription membership online coaching package that will suit perfectly if you’re a self-motivated individual that enjoys engaging with others who share similar Strength and Health goals.

There are many programs out there, but I found a lot of them neglect the personalised touch, a strength focus, education, the mindset aspect, sustainable results and adding value to each and every client. These are my goals with LSD - to educate you to learn how to sustain your results long term and focus on getting strong!

  • ​Community: Access our Private Facebook group any time to connect with other members, ask questions and get live support from me!

  • Feedback and Support: Each week you have the opportunity to upload a lifting video and get personalised feedback from me.

  • Progress Tracking: On App track your progress on weekly basis

  • Training Program: Custom plan updated and refreshed every month based on progress.

  • Full App Access with your own account and access to an extensive video library that covers every exercise.

  • Weekly Facebook Videos and Training videos: Inside the Facebook group I'll post weekly videos and tutorials to help you along your way to bigger and better lifting.​


*Subscription Billed monthly 

Whether you want to train with more accountability, reach a new PB or get fit and strong.

Ladies Lifting Club Online is the program for you.

You simply have to fill out the application below and I’ll be in touch shortly.