Call me crazy, but sometimes I feel like I’m saving lives. With the help of my guidance and thorough educational sources, my clients have completely turned their lives around. Take a look at what my client have to say.


"Sigi has guided me over the past 12 weeks to change my approach to my training, my nutrition, recovery, sleep and even down time. She's tweaked my habits to fit my lifestyle. It's not restrictive, I still indulge every now and then. The physical results speak for themselves, sure. But the mental impact this coaching has had on me is phenomenal."


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"Sigi is an excellent coach that listens and understands your health needs. She is motivational and always encourages you to be your absolute best. When I first met Sigi I had no sense of goals or understanding of my path towards health and fitness. Now I spend 5 days a week in the gym feeling confident and happy every time I get to train. I never would have imagined I would be still training and recommending her 2 years later... that's how good she is."


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"Sigi is hands-down, one of the most professional, thorough and knowledgeable trainers I know and have the pleasure of training with. Whether you've trained for years and want to push yourself further or you're new to it all and want to explore ways to integrate fitness into your life, Sigi is your girl. She'll work diligently with you to create a program that is truly specific to you and follows up religiously to see how you're going with it all."

- CAT N.


"I found Sigi after a strong recommendation from a friend and I'm so glad we've teamed up!  She's real, understands life and has struck this insane balance between being the strong coach pushing you to your edge and knowing when your body needs to be listened to. The nutritional knowledge she has, has been so valuable.

I'm six weeks into our twelve week program and I am so happy with what we are achieving so far...I'm so much more food aware, and am now in fabulous eating habits.  I'm making smart decisions when planning my meals and social events AND have lost a nice amount of centimetres, alongside building muscle and strength"

- Adrienne B


 "As a Coach what you have taught me you can clearly be noticed that you live by your own health/fitness goals. I have really enjoyed my training that the focus has become more strength focused and staying lean.

The biggest thing for me is I finish each session with something positive no matter how big or small.  The support network provided is great, whether it be feedback on an exercise you struggle with, to answering questions about nutrition. I love it.  It’s become part of my lifestyle."



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