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Master your life.

The Ladies Strength Department is your health and fitness solution to getting you strong, confident and excited about what your body is capable of.


sick of feeling lost on your journey?

I’ve been there & I’ve helped countless women just like you achieve their goals and have fun doing it!


Welcome girlfriend!

If you’re looking for the next quick fix/ diet-trend, you won’t find it here. But if you’re after a solution that is BS-free, straight-up and backed by science?

Then you’re exactly where you need to be!

Hey! I’m Sigi, a Women's Health & Fitness Coach, passionate about all things wellness and being able to live  sustainable living body that is based on science and not trends.

​Ready to unlearn the diet mindset, make training fun and fall back in love with your body?



To help ambitious women get strong and healthy with providing a

science-backed, holistic approach to physical and mental wellness that will last a lifetime.



"Sigi has helped me become a completely different person. 
From the moment I started training with her, I felt comfortable that my health and fitness was in the hands of someone who genuinely cared.
Sigi taught me to find myself again, to learn a healthy relationship with food, and reconnect with my love for the fitness industry.I have learnt so many valuable life lessons, and I cannot thank her enough. Before training with Sigi I was unhealthy, unhappy and lost. She helped me back on track and has done so ever since."

"Sigi is an amazing coach, not only for fitness but overall well-being as well. She really goes in to so much detail and is so thorough in helping you to achieve your goals. I love how she doesn’t rush you in to achieving too much too soon but setting realistic goals and then hitting them. I thoroughly enjoy our time together and would highly recommend for any level of fitness."

- Ruby D

- Laura S